Shalimar Farm
It’s about privacy, scenery, relaxation.

Scottish Highland Cattle

Shalimar is currently closed. We will take two reservations per month beginning in June.

Shalimar farm is home to a small herd of Scottish Highland Cattle, who graze on the hilltop pasture below the welsh cottage. This docile breed of cattle have grazed the rugged hills of Scotland for centuries but have only been in the States since 1920. Well known for their shaggy coats and large horns, highlands are a sight to behold. Our girls are very friendly and love a good neck scratch or brushing, under supervision, guests are allowed to visit with the cows if they make an appointment.

Our Herd members include 5 mature cows; Macie, Mackenzie, Kayla, Cora and Sophie. We also have two new heifer calves Alice and Eleanor who are being halter broke at this time. Make sure to leave time to visits our girls during your stay!